27. Project You: Using Design Thinking to Level Up Your Life

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Hey Designers,

What would Design Lessons be without exploring the Design Thinking process.  The steps are are  grounded in business theory and the creation of products for customers.  But we are going to look at design thinking from a personal and educational perspective. The question that we are exploring today is

How does the design thinking process help me design my life with intention? Listen to Design Lessons Ep. 27 to find out. Click To Tweet

There are 6 steps in Design Thinking.  Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, and Assess. Listen to the episode to see how you can use this process to level up your life.

In the next episode we will explore the question of  how does design thinking  help me design experiences for students?

During Uncover the Leader in You Coaching Week you will use  a design thinking approach to develop your creativity, fuel your curiosity, and energize your life as a teacher, a creator and educational changemaker.    Sign up for the waitlist.

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