20. Modern Classroom Jobs with Thom Gibson

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Hey Designers,

Today we get to talk to Thom Gibson. Thom’s modern twist on classroom jobs and classroom economies aligns with our relationships touchstone and gives us a new strategy to create an engaged community of students.

Thom has a passion for audio engineering and creating videos and as a result he has created a Youtube channel to share how he is integrating STEM into his lessons. Also notice how his passion project has enhanced his teaching and given Thom another opportunity to be reflective.

You can use a passion project to become a leader, scale your impact, or simply to put joy back into your life. The first step is getting really clear about your why.

Knowing your heart will help to filter out the minutiae in your life that are keeping you from your purpose.

It also is the perfect start to creating a passion project that is just right for you.

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