“We Have an Education Debt” with Abbie Korman

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast


Today we are joined by Abbie Korman who has a big dream to engage others in making good trouble and working to change education at the structural level.

Get ready to explore:

-removing the current systems to make way for ones that benefit all of us

-personal reflection

-social justice and community support

I hope you get some critical learning from this talk. Find the blog post at www.lindsaybethlyons.com and listen on your favorite podcast service.


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If there is something going on in your class, what can you do to change it? Where is your locus of control as a teacher? What responsibility do you have to make a difference? This kind of personal reflection is the start of any… Click To Tweet


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Where to find her: @abbiekorman on instagram

Folks met through the pandemic and @teachersforgoodtrouble who catapulted my learning and unlearning: @yari.mercedes @liberationlab @angeljonesphd @kwam_the_identity_shaper @blackgirlsteach @werestoremore @thepavonfirm @maddukes @principalrahh @revolvelearning @insightfulteacher @theinsightfulteacher @callmeshivy @kaylandlamar @ben.bruhn @educationwithapurpose @katerslater

Root Cause Analysis Worksheet: https://timeforteachership.lpages.co/root-cause-analysis-worksheet/



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