134. Unit Dreaming: Making Music and Building Class Culture with Jeanette Shorey

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In this episode, Jeanette Shorey and I co-create a unit using my unit planning process. This one’s for music teachers (or any teacher wanting to incorporate music into their classroom), and would be great for the beginning of the year as the class culture is being developed.  Jeanette Shorey is National Board Certified music teacher with over 2 decades of … Read More

132. A Framework for Teaching Structural Racism in US History with Ayo Magwood M.Sc.

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast, timeforteachership

  In this podcast episode, Ayo shares her innovative approach to teaching structural racism and fostering civic consciousness in the classroom. Discover how using data inquiries, historical context, and value tensions can empower students to think critically, engage in national conversations, and shape a better future.   Ayo Magwood, M.Sc., (Uprooting Inequity, LLC) specializes in evidence-based, apolitical, and solutionary training … Read More

131. Season 4 Premiere: New Ideas + More of the Good Stuff

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Wow, we’re entering the 4th season of this podcast! Each year, it has evolved to better your listening experience. I’m so excited to tell you what’s coming in the new season!    More Unit Dreaming    What started as a series has generated a lot of enthusiasm from listeners and unit dreaming guests alike. Additionally, the department teams I work … Read More

130. Unit Dreaming: Sijo Poetry with Dr. Lucy Park & Elizabeth Jorgensen

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast, timeforteachership

Dr. Park and Liz co-authored a book on teaching Sijo, which sparked this unit dreaming conversation. In this episode, we apply a step-by-step unit planning protocol to dream up a new unit on Sijo!    Unit Planning Step 1: Context/Spark   Dr. Park and Liz started working together when Liz’s students kept winning the Sejong Cultural Society’s Sijo competitions. Sijo … Read More