Feeling bitter? Write it. Then, rewrite it.

Catherine DorianBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: A teacher faced parental anger over a plagiarism incident and initially responded by writing it out feeling bitter and sarcastic. A colleague suggested rewriting the piece to focus on understanding parents’ frustrations and the education system’s challenges. Lesson learned: Channel bitterness into productive reflection, seek accountability from trusted colleagues, and aim for thoughtful, compassionate communication. Feeling Bitter? About midway … Read More

Connecting Your Class with Authors

Mason NicholsBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Innovate Better

TL;DR: Virtual learning led to decreased student motivation, prompting the need for engaging and meaningful activities. Using picture books and connecting with authors proved effective in fostering social-emotional learning and motivation. Strategies such as utilizing social media, attending author book signings, and exploring author websites facilitated connections and sparked students’ interest in writing and reading. After several weeks of virtual … Read More

Why I Blog

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TL;DR: Blogging is a way to share ideas and best practices with those who need help. Having a blog supports those who are struggling. It’s important to share failures. Why I Blog People often ask me why I blog. Of course, my instant response is to help those who may benefit from my ideas and best practices. But, reactions to … Read More