Lessons Learned: From Surviving to Thriving

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TL;DR: School districts can go from surviving to thriving by shifting from isolation to collaboration. Other ways to go from surviving to thriving include assessing for learning and shifting the focus from teaching to learning. In mid-March, school districts across the United States began adjusting the school schedule and learning environment.  Due to a global pandemic, several schools closed for two … Read More

Data Collection: The Simple + Easy Way

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TL;DR: Data collection helps us make informed decisions for our students. Collaborating with a team to use data effectively is a powerful tool to guide our decisions. The steps for data collection include: understanding the why, collecting the data, checking in with the team, then analyzing and sharing the results. Data, as I’ve come to learn, is one of those … Read More

Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

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Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

In This Post: Time to collaborate with colleagues is limited. We need to take advantage of it. Working together towards a common goal takes flexibility, dedication, vision, a good sense of humor, and a positive mindset. Collaboration time and meetings are not a single event on a single random day. Meetings need to have a plan and protocols. If you … Read More