SEL for Educators: Teachers are People, Too!

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TL;DR: Prioritizing social-emotional health in the classroom is crucial for teachers and students, with a focus on health over grades. Teachers should take care of their own well-being to effectively support their students, as they cannot give what they haven’t mastered themselves. Poor social-emotional health among teachers negatively affects student outcomes, emphasizing the need for schools to prioritize teacher well-being, … Read More

Leader of Learning Podcast episode 157: Is Teacher Wellness Linked to Student Achievement? with Tre Gammage

Dan KreinessLeader of Learning

Leader of Learning Podcast episode 157: Is Teacher Wellness Linked to Student Achievement? with Tre Gammage Episode 157 of the Leader of Learning Podcast features an interview with Tre Gammage (@tregammage), a Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Owner and Consultant with SEL Educators, and former teacher and Dean of Students. In the episode, Tre discusses the importance of emotional intelligence, how … Read More

Episode 64: Seen, Heard, and Loved with Dr. Phil Campbell

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

School culture ambassador Dr. Phil Campbell (PC) sat down with Darrin for a great conversation about an intentional focus on school environment. PC talks about a moment of vulnerability that led to a personal and professional change that continues to impact his life to this day. That, plus your weekly #PepTalk and so much more. MORE EPISODES

Inspiring Cultures of Wellness in Schools

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TL;DR: Teacher burnout is a systemic problem. We need to reimagine systems where teachers and their wellness are prioritized. Create cultures of wellness at school. Consider forming a wellness committee that includes admin and teachers as well as other staff members. Prioritize Teachers I don’t need to tell you that the problem of teacher burnout is systemic. Through no fault … Read More

Heart of Education: Classroom Families

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TL;DR: Children may have a hard time recognizing their talents and skills. Educators can build students’ conflict resolution toolkit with stress reduction tools and empathy practice. Open each class with an activity that grounds students into the present moment. There’s a reason educators call students their “kids.” If schools are microcosms of society, then the classroom is a representation of … Read More