You Have Two Seconds

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TL;DR: You have two seconds to grab and hold your students’ attention. They have conditioned their brains to consume content they wish to consume for short periods of time. Students lacking attention, focus, and respect for elders is not something new so how do we become better teachers tomorrow than we are today? Three principles that help us be better … Read More

Build Better Relationships: 3 Foundational Mindset Shifts

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TL;DR: Relationships matter. Being connected is important for our overall happiness and well-being. There are foundational 3 mindset shifts that will help you build better relationships: (1) See relationships as gifts. (2) The relationship you have with yourself is also a gift. (3) Treat every interaction as an opportunity to improve your connection as building blocks. We can cultivate our … Read More

It All Matters

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TL;DR: Everyone is facing something, and it matters to each one of them. Think about how you think, act, and treat others because it matters. Focus on what’s most important today because it matters. It All Matters The signs are all around us.   A neighbor one street over was in a car crash. A friend of a friend was diagnosed … Read More

Teachers These Days: A Must Read

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TL;DR: Teachers These Days by Dr. Jody Carrington and Laurie McIntosh is a must-read. These authors are follow-worthy on Instagram because of their infectious enthusiasm and inspiration. Building relationships with staff and students are important. We are stronger together, can do more together, and thrive when we connect to others. Find peers that will support you. Being trauma-informed means we … Read More