It’s About Why, Not What – Getting Beyond the Facts and into the Meaning Behind the Learning

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In this post: What really matters in learning – and why we so often miss it Please, don’t use the butterfly method or impose death-by-grammar-worksheets How to move from “What” to “Why” 3 ways you can make the shift right now Picture this – you are sitting in your next staff meeting and the district has brought in someone to … Read More

13: Completely Flipped – Raymond Steinmetz shares his journey to flipping his classroom to a blended learning model.

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Episode 13 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

K-8 Math Instructional Coach, and co-host of the Instant Relevance Podcast,┬áRaymond Steinmetz shares his journey to blended learning, the failures he’s overcome along the way, and why he’s proud to say, “I’m a teacher.” Raymond reminds us to always remember the reason we’re here; for the students, and explains why he sees every school year as an opportunity to be … Read More

10: Don’t be afraid – Roman Nowak shares how his failures have led him to where he is, and why you should not be afraid to try things.

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Episode 11 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

Roman Nowak is a High School Teacher, a Student Success Leader, and an Agent of Transformation. He shares with us why he wears all 3 title proudly. Roman talks with us about how his failures have led him to where he is today. He also explains why you need to live your emotions, go through it, give yourself new objectives, … Read More

How to Master Personalized Learning

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Personalized learning doesn’t have to be scary. Personalized learning is a phrase that’s going around education and spreading like wild fire. At first thought, it sounds amazing. Being able to provide every student with what they need, when they need it based on their interests and abilities, would be AWESOME! However, when we try to figure out how to make … Read More