The Best of Teach Better 2022

Alexis ShepardBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lead Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: The Teach Better Conference lit the transformational fires of the people who attended. Community is critical in affirming our ‘why,’ instigating collaboration, and inspiring us to celebrate all the ways we show up for students whether we are in classrooms, district offices, or running our own teacher-focused business. Teach Better 22 was inclusive not just by celebrating those with … Read More

I’m Not Perfect

Raymond PortenBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: We have to model what we want to see, and that is that we aren’t perfect.   Leaders should model imperfections and vulnerability to their staff. Mistakes should be seen as learning opportunities or learning experiences. No One Is Perfect In my last blog I talked about “how your people see you” and “being intentional about who you are to … Read More