Plan the Perfect School Year

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TL;DR: The perfect weekend for me includes a mix of fresh air, friends, and faith. What does yours include? Expand your formula for the perfect weekend to long weekends and longer school holidays so you truly enjoy them and reap the benefits. Plan your year ahead of time to include fresh air, friends, faith, and exploring (or whatever is in … Read More

Time to Hit the Break Blog Series Overview

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Time to Hit the Break Blog Series It’s been quite a year…now it’s time to hit the “break.” This blog series shares how setting up holiday lights is similar to lesson planning, ways you can do things for yourself this break, and a poem going through all the things that cross teachers’ minds every day! Posts in the Series Light … Read More

‘Twas the Night Before Teaching

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TL;DR:  This post shares a poem that encompasses what goes through a teacher’s mind on a daily basis. ‘Twas the Night Before Teaching ‘Twas the night before teaching when all through my mind, No positive utterance of self-talk could I find. My briefcase was slung by the front door downstairs; Inside—tomorrow’s lesson—planned with great care.   I was s’posed to … Read More

Light Up the Holidays with Teaching

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TL;DR: Lesson planning in advance can be a way to express your creative side by collaborating and researching. Setting up holiday lights has many parallels to teaching and lesson planning. Students should be part of the design. With the holidays just around the corner, it brings out the spirit in most people. The fall season brings out the candles (yes, … Read More