Bringing Tough Topics into the Classroom

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TL;DR: Bringing tough topics into the classroom is necessary for our students. Strategies for bringing tough topics in your classroom. I want to start by saying this: I am not the expert on tough topics in the classroom. But I have listened to many experts, those voices who have done the work, and found ways to grow myself. I bring … Read More

5 Elements We Learned & We Can Not Forget: Remote & Physical Classrooms

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TL;DR: The five elements to take away from the COVID-19 crisis. Ways to come back stronger when we return to our physical classrooms. Let’s clear the air early on – there are WAY more than just 5 things I hope educators have learned during this since the transition from physical classrooms to remote learning. And if you really thought there … Read More

103: Through A Culturally Diverse Lens. – Sheldon Eakins chats with us about learning as much as we can about our students’ cultures, and how to address issues of equity. 

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Director of Special Education, and Director of the Leading Equity Center,  Sheldon Eakins, chats with us about about learning as much as we can about our students’ cultures, and how to address issues of equity. Sheldon talks about what we might be missing culturally, the power of sharing your own culture with students, and why we need to make sure … Read More