The Fundamentals of Self Care with Danny Bauer

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Join us for an insightful conversation with Danny Bauer from Better Leaders Better Schools as we dive into strategies for prioritizing mental health and managing stress in the education field. In our last session, we explored the importance of protecting our home stress and implementing practical techniques to promote overall well-being. Have you tried any of these strategies this week? … Read More

Real Talk: How to Be a Great Teacher Without Losing Yourself 

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TL;DR: Being a great teacher doesn’t mean you have to completely lose yourself in the process. We can sort through what things aren’t serving us and curate a meaningful workplace for ourselves. Learn 9 quick tips for how to be a great teacher without losing yourself. For some reason, the idea of “good” teaching seems to equal a run-down, tired, … Read More

5 Tips for Cultivating Atomic Love & Joy

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TL;DR: We can experience and cultivate atomic love and joy throughout our day and every day using the 5 tips suggested. Invest in getting to know yourself better. This helps when dealing with adversity. Know what brings you joy and cultivate it! Share love and appreciation. Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you.” Teach Better together. Lean on each … Read More

Think Better: Redefining Self-Care

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TL;DR: Flip the script so self-care can be a lifestyle rather than a single, isolated act. Be proactive rather than reactive. Keep data in a journal or the notes app on your phone to monitor how what you’re doing is impacting you.  Self-care is one of those topics people either love or hate. While I’m sure there are some people … Read More