Student Voices

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TL;DR: No matter the grade level, emphasize student voices. Let students have a voice; hear their opinions and build upon them. Consider student voices when lesson planning and teaching curriculum and content knowledge. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Journaling/Reflection Questions: How would you incorporate student voice into your curriculum? What does advocacy look like for you as an educator? … Read More

 Have Courageous Conversations

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TL;DR: Advocate for equity and inclusion by being brave and honest. Know you can’t control the reaction of others, but you can control your actions to create positive spaces. Don’t let the voice of someone be silenced. It’s not ok, so speak up. This post shares 4 steps to having courageous conversations. Journaling/Reflection Questions for Courageous Conversations: Can you plan … Read More

Maintaining a Summertime Social Justice Practice

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TL;DR: Social justice work is about consistent commitment and action. Reflect, disrupt, and teach to maintain a social justice practice this summer. Summer is a time when teachers rest, relax, and catch up on the reading we didn’t get to do during the school year (or is that just me?). Most teachers, even through summer, spend time planning for the … Read More

Create Safe Spaces

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TL;DR: We remember what is taught through stories with courageous conversations. Stories help us understand, connect, and give a pathway and multiple opportunities to teaching concepts. Stories resonate with us and are close to our hearts to empower our spirit when there is a safe classroom discussion space. Create safe spaces by incorporating storytelling, reflection, journaling, and using graphic organizers … Read More

The Gift of Listening: Supporting Our LGBTQ+ Students

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TL;DR: Teach through an equity lens and reflect to make sure all students are feeling supported. Some questions to ponder include how are: How do you support your LGBTQ+ students and colleagues? How are you an ally? What kind of materials are you using in your classroom that include all gender identities and sexual orientations? Other questions for school leaders … Read More