Minority vs. Majority: Let’s Teach About Inclusion

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TL;DR: Challenge yourself this December to celebrate all the cultural celebrations. Understand intersecting identities. Reflect on the concept of minority vs. majority and power in our schools. Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better Blog Reflection Questions: How do you identify yourself? (Consider: Race, gender, class in society, religious affiliations, roles you hold personally and professionally) The way you identify yourself: … Read More

Kindness Doesn’t Equal Justice

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TL;DR: Being kind is key to creating a better world, but it isn’t the same thing as justice. Kindness that is rooted in justice isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary to create change that matters and affects marginalized students and communities. Kindness is a human way that we connect to each other, in both words and actions. Being kind to … Read More

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month: Celebrating All Year

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TL;DR: Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th-October 15th. The terms Hispanic and Latino have different origins and cultural and political meanings. Hispanic primarily refers to individuals who come from Spanish-speaking nations. Latinx offers a more ethnic and geographic understanding and includes individuals who come from non-Spanish-speaking countries. Latine and Latinx are gender-neutral forms of Latino. Latinx and Hispanic … Read More

Breaking Down Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

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TL;DR:  Diversity, equity, and inclusion must also include justice. Schools are smaller microcosms of our world, and include power dynamics that communities need to make sense of in order to shift from diversity and inclusion to equity and justice.  This past week’s Daily Drop In theme was equity and inclusion. This is a topic close to my heart and even … Read More

Episode #122: Being an Advocate and Champion for Equity with Traci Browder

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Episode #122- Being an Advocate and Champion for Equity with Traci Browder

 Traci Browder, M.Ed. is a trailblazer in education inspiring and mentoring teachers and changing the lives of children for more than 17 years. Traci is known best for her innovative, out-of-the-box teaching style with a mixture of Montessori, gifted/talented, and special services all rolled into one classroom environment. Her Kindergarten classroom is a live learning lab in which teachers … Read More