Teaching Towards Diversity

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TL;DR: Embrace diversity in the world by accepting differences that make us unique. Teach about diversity so that everyone learns to accept and embrace it. Can we represent every single student in a given year in our lessons? We say yes, absolutely! This post shares 3 picture books that you can use in your classroom. Why is it important for … Read More

Ten Books About Mental Health for Your Classroom

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TL;DR: Talking about mental health is important all year beyond Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Hearing people share their own voice about their personal experiences may be hard to find but there are sources out there. In this post, you will discover 10 books about mental health for your classroom. Consider content warnings and avoiding tropes and stereotypes. Consider … Read More

A Special Person

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TL;DR: Everyone is special for following their dreams, pursuing their passions, and showing up daily to ensure that we are bettering the lives we serve. Consider the weight of complimenting a special education teacher by stating that they are special people for doing what they do. I think we can all agree that the people who walk the halls each day … Read More

Modifications and Accommodations for Diverse Learners

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In This Post: The difference between modifications and accommodations. Strategies to adjust your classroom activities & instruction to accommodate for diverse learners. A quick guide for modifications or accommodations based on common language found on IEPs and 504s. Meeting the needs of diverse learners in today’s classrooms can be such a challenge.  From at-risk, to gifted, to IEPs, 504s, and … Read More