A Whole New World

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TL;DR: The mixed emotions with coping during quarantine. Rediscovering the “commonplace” with a new view. The truth is, an underlying anxiety has punctuated even my most positive experiences during this quarantine. A quarantine which may, in fact, still be happening by the time you read this. And though it hasn’t been all bad, I (paradoxically) sometimes feel guilty for enjoying … Read More

The Secret to Success: A Little Goes a Long Way

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TL;DR: Some cooking advice that also applies to remote teaching. Steps and questions to consider when planning for distance learning. Cooking is a hobby I enjoy, as well as a pleasant distraction from life.  After eating an enjoyable dish at a restaurant, I make it a goal to try to achieve success and replicate the recipe, but make it even … Read More

Out of the House

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TL;DR: We all need to take a moment to recognize the little things. Take a moment of gratitude for yourself. Because there is almost always a lag time in publishing and because my current reality is changing sometimes by the hour, I don’t know where the world will be when you read this. But as I sit here typing, my … Read More