Why I Blog

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TL;DR: Blogging is a way to share ideas and best practices with those who need help. Having a blog supports those who are struggling. It’s important to share failures. Why I Blog People often ask me why I blog. Of course, my instant response is to help those who may benefit from my ideas and best practices. But, reactions to … Read More

What Inspires You to Write?

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TL;DR: Teach Better bloggers belong to a community where they support each other and learn from each other during quarterly exclusive events just for bloggers! Read our reflection on our latest event and get a glimpse into our previous ones! We all have a story to tell. Every educator does things a little differently than others. The effective strategy or … Read More

Writing Tips & Tricks Blog Series Overview

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Writing Tips & Tricks Blog Series Overview Writing is a process! Whether you record your thoughts and feelings in a private journal or whether you blog to share publicly, writing serves a purpose. Writing is personal. Your approach, your journey, and your why may be very different from others. Regardless, how do you make it just right for you? Who … Read More

My Journey Through the 3 Phases of Writing

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TL;DR: Become a connected educator by writing and sharing your voice with others. When you are writing for an audience, first decide on the focus of your piece. Be as authentic as possible as you share your experiences. Don’t forget to share your published work on social media to continue connecting with other educators from around the world! As of … Read More