Should Teachers Have a Side Hustle?

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TL;DR: This post evaluates and thoroughly examines the two sides of whether teachers should have a side hustle.  Two differing scenarios are mentioned, for and against having a side hustle. Five reasons why you should start a side hustle are shared.  This is an interesting thought to reflect on because there is no easy answer, nor is there one single … Read More

Big Fun in the Sun

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TL;DR: Research has shown that playing outdoors has great benefits for adults and children alike.  Some examples of outdoor play is Giant Jenga, Human Foosball, and simply water! There are huge benefits to outdoor play for adults and children. Research shows that play has cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits. Moving play to the outdoors provides different stimuli and interactions … Read More

The Gift of Gratitude

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TL;DR: There is a difference between gratitude and thankfulness in both English and Chinese languages. Gratitude can be cultivated. Practice mindful gratitude moments to help nurture a grateful mindset and heartset. Take the Gift Better Challenge to practice gratitude.  There is great power in words. Read tips on how to show deeper gratitude with our words. Gratitude is meant to … Read More

Each Day Is a Gift

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TL;DR: Stop to notice priceless gifts all around us. It leads to greater positivity, joy, and respect for our place in this world. Each day is a gift. Embrace it. Even though you may be struggling, life is still worth living. Reach out for help when you are struggling. We are stronger together. Reach in to others to offer support and … Read More

Rethink Better

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TL;DR: REthinking things is a strategy that can be applied to shape our perception of reality, which is critical to our mental and emotional well-being. This post shares 3 practical approaches to guide you to rethink better: Dream and explore. Take risks. Change your mind. We can shape our thoughts about the course of events in life into anything we … Read More