Motivating Without Grades

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TL;DR: If the task requires critical & creative thinking, then autonomy, mastery, and purpose are better motivators than rewards and punishments. Students today have to do more cognitively challenging work than they did in the past. Ten ways to motivate students without grades are provided. There are other benefits to using these techniques. In the last post But They Won’t … Read More

Redefined Joy Beyond the Classroom

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TL;DR: Teachers can repurpose their passion by exploring new opportunities beyond the classroom. This requires reflection, reconditioning, remodeling, and restoring. Reflect on your vision, recondition your resources, remodel your journey, and restore your joy with intention. Embrace change, take risks, and step outside of your comfort zone to make a difference in the lives of students and the education system … Read More

The Movement of Feminism with Supportive Allies

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TL;DR: The feminist movement is one of equal rights. Equity is the way you achieve it. Consider the importance of supporting International Women’s Day events to make a difference. Understanding bias and implicit bias by teaching it directly in our classrooms is key to making the women’s rights movement count! Equity and Inclusion Reflection Questions Why does the women’s rights … Read More

Love Yourself Better Blog Series

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Love Yourself Better Blog Series In this blog series, read about strategies for personal development, prioritizing yourself, and embracing stress. Being our best selves and filling our own cups should come first. In a profession where we are asked to give so much to others, don’t forget to prioritize yourself. Love yourself a little bit better this year! Posts in … Read More