The Seeds of Self-Compassion

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TL;DR: Brad Hughes interviewed Lisa Baylis, the author of the book Self-Compassion for Educators. Compassion is when we see suffering, stress, and struggle, and we have a desire to alleviate it. You are someone who is important to take care of. The first component of self-compassion is mindfulness—being aware of our thoughts and feelings. The second component is loving-kindness—attending to … Read More

Slow Down! Children Are Learning!

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TL;DR: Be someone who makes a difference in the lives of those we touch. Allow kids to develop a positive mindset and executive function skills first. Instill a growth mindset for students. Create good habits and let go of bad ones. Pull your specialists aside and ask them your questions. Be Their Difference! Hello again, reader, and welcome back to … Read More

Above & Beyond: Making an Impact

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TL;DR: Tim Stephenson talks about how he continues to leverage his passions for science and space. Think about what you’re teaching and why you teach and write it down. Whether it’s changing the world, sharing resources, helping someone, or contributing to lives that are happy and meaningful, making an impact is what defines success. Above & Beyond: Making an Impact … Read More

A Heart in the Write Place

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TL;DR: This article is an interview with Dennis Mathew—an author, innovator, and speech-language pathologist in Oklahoma. We can’t ignore racism and things that are not right in the world, but we can bring the light. Dennis makes sure healing is infused into all of his works and that they can easily be used in the classroom setting. Self-discovery is a … Read More

Tech and Transformation

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TL;DR: Debbie Tannenbaum is the featured guest on The Good News, Brad News Podcast. Debbie’s transformation through technology has been both professional and personal. A growth mindset and willingness to be vulnerable can yield surprising results. There is power in taking small steps towards big accomplishments. Connecting with others is essential to growth and transformation. Hello again, reader! This is … Read More