Show 88: Investing in Teacher Leadership

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Great insight from a new leader. He empowers his teachers to take action and be on the ground leaders showcasing what they do best in their classrooms. Click To Tweet

Mike Azzalina is a centered, calm, and inspirational leader for teachers to learn from and grow with. Mike is all in on growing the teachers in his building, empowering them as instructional leaders, and sharing the fire throughout his staff. Mike is always aligning systems to create opportunities for his teachers and his students.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Strategies to grow your own leadership and leadership opportunities in your own building, while you are still a teacher as you prepare to move into being an administrator.

  • Strategies for developing teacher leaders and helping them find their passions.

  • The development of a three-year new teacher program to support their professional growth.

  • Five-minute PD sessions run by teachers for teachers.

  • A story of him empowering a teacher to become a nation-wide restorative practices trainer.

  • The place for SEL and how intentionality places a vital role in success.

  • The value of being explicit with teachers and students in our goals and educational decisions.

  • A brief definition of the restorative classroom.


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