Show 128, Summer PD Series 3: Empowering Struggling Students

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Best conversation I've heard in a long time. These gentlemen showcased so much empathy towards students and provided practical strategies to help us support students when they need it most. Click To Tweet

The opportunity to put Anthony Swann and Ramon Benavides together on a podcast creates an emotional, robust conversation. Both men share their deepest feelings about how we can support trauma-inflicted and struggling students. This is the best education conversation on supporting struggling students available on any podcast today. 

  • Empowering students and developing self-efficacy skills so they can take the skills from school and succeed early in the real world.
  • Use empathy to help become an advocate for children.
  • We need to focus on regulating and helping our students be in the right mindset to approach learning effectively.
  • There is a clear difference between being trauma-informed and trauma-responsive
  • If you want students to feel supported by you, take the time to listen.  Listen, not just on a superficial level.
  • Be empathetic and give them time. Giving someone time is more valuable than anything else.
  • Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
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