Show 126, Summer PD Series 1: Balancing Professional Responsibilities

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This conversation was so real and authentic. It helped me evaluate my own commitments and center myself to do best for students and me! Click To Tweet

As teachers, there is more than a basic job description to detail all we do.  Jessica Saum and Autumn Rivera come back as guest co-hosts to enrich this conversation.  We all get emotional and personal and talk deeply to make it as meaningful as possible for our listeners. Teaching is an exhausting profession but incredibly rewarding when we make the best efforts in the right ways.

  • It’s important to recognize where our skills will best serve the need and evaluate if you are the best person.
  • As a staff, develop comradery where you all support each other so the teachers who have more time to give personally can step up for those that don’t.
  • We only have so much time and energy, so we must delegate responsibilities to others to empower those professionals.
  • Don’t follow the toxic positivity that is out there in education, and focus and commit to the important things.
  • Humanizing teachers and students when you attend outside events. It will have a direct impact on classroom management
  • Take the time to evaluate the intended outcome. Does the time put in match the time out?
  • Leverage the strategy of who, not how.  Who can support this initiative or idea, and how can they take some of the workloads off your plate?
  • Empower your students to take ownership of the clubs; you can be there as a mentor when needed.  Set the expectations from the beginning.

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