Show 124: Creating Engagement through Sound, Quality Instruction

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Instruction, it is all about quality instruction. This is such a refreshing conversation to focus teachers on doing best for students. Click To Tweet

Weston Kieschnick is a gift to education, teacher, administrator, speaker, and author, and changing the lives of teachers. His passion is in good teaching, and empowering teachers to do that well. His mission has always been to take the knowledge we know and blend it to meet the students of today.

  • His first book Bold School was ahead of its time in technology integration, encouraging teachers to utilize technology and maintain old-school, sound instructional practices.
  • Evaluate how we use technology; it needs to connect students to the teacher, the content, and each other.
  • We need a sound and robust understanding of the most effective instructional strategies. We need to know what they are called, exactly how to implement the strategy and the effect size of it.
  • Check out John Hattie’s work on the effect sizes of students.
  • We need to know what tools are available and the instructional practices that it supports.
  • We need to improve our practice to bring joy back into our classroom.
  • Learn about Weston’s ATLAS model and how to create engaging lessons for students.





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