Show 105: Value Every Moment with Student and Teachers

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Joe Sanfelippo is the ultimate leader. He is the current superintendent of the Fall Creek Wisconsin School District, #GoCrickets. He drives his district, administrators, teachers, and students to think outside of the box and explore what they are most passionate about.  He has created an environment where everyone can lead, and is empowered to do so. His leadership style is most evident in the professional development practices and hiring techniques they have implemented.
  • You are finding your own leadership style and how you can best thrive.
  • Recognizing where we begin to know where we are going.
  • Fueling professional development with self-guided passion projects and concluding the work with a teacher-led street fair.
  • Empowering teachers to recognize students for who they are and support them on an individual level.
  • How to best tell the stories of your classroom, school, and district.
Twitter: #walking, handle, #gocrickets

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