Show 101: Recharging and Reflecting for the New Year

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Returning from the winter break marks the unofficial half-way mark of the school year. Ken and Matt talk about the best strategies and ideas to think about as you return from the coveted winter break. There is so much we want to accomplish with students in such a short amount of time. This episode gets a little emotional when Ken and Matt start sharing about the journey they are on with their students how how much they hope to accomplish.
  • The value of attending a conference and how to best find ways to attend
  • Reset classroom management strategies, rules, and what you expect from students on a daily basis
  • State testing is looming in the future and we can’t ignore it.
  • This is a great time to facilitate goal setting activities with your students.
  • A school year is a 180-day journey, we can’t expect to solve every problem on day one. Now is the time of year to really start attacking goals.
  • The difficult for semester teachers to “start over” with a new class in January when not many other colleagues are in the same mindset.
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