48: In AWE – Sarah Johnson shares her journey of creating In AWE, amplifying women, and the importance of taking care of yourself.

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Listen to episode 48 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast with Sarah Johnson, co-author of Balance Like A Pirate

Educator, consultant, entrepreneur, and co-author of “Balance Like A Pirate,” Sarah Johnson, shares her passion for amplifying women, the importance of taking care of yourself, and the power of listening, learning, and focusing on your personal routine.

We discuss Sarah’s leap of faith in launching the In AWE, LLC, her awesome running streak, and why our mindset matters.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:43 – Sarah introduces herself.
  • 6:16 – Sarah’s failure.
  • 11:35 – We chat about Sarah’s running streak.
  • 13:09 – Sarah’s success.
  • 17:52 – What’s got Sarah excited about education right now.
  • 19:02 – Sarah talks about how we can start our journey for more purposeful social emotional learning for our students.
  • 21:35 – Sarah tells us a bit about In Awe.
  • 23:52 – 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.
  • 25:40 – How to connect with Sarah.

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