This is OUR Moment, Teachers! 

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  • What will you do to teach and embed peace education throughout the year?
  • Where do you stand when it comes to teaching students about peace?
  • This post shares what you need to explore and reflect on about the Women’s Right Movement.

Over the generations, education is that profession we consider to have a great deal of power! We hold power and we have rights. It’s unique to generations of females who identify as being active in the Women’s Rights Movement.

What is our role in maintaining a movement around the world based on the values of maintaining peace starting from schools?

The World Teacher Federation and other organizations are making productive and collaborative differences.  There are women making a difference daily and advocating for peace. We hold the key: we have the responsibility to educate the generations who vote, who are the next generation, and who make a difference in standing up for human rights, maintaining peace, and being collaborative in society. I spent some time reflecting after this interview with Doug Peterson about my own teaching philosophy and points of view in education…

It is our generation that will maintain and hold peace around the world by collaborating, accepting that we bring about diverging perspectives, and seeing the common ground. Click To Tweet

Let Women Lead

  • Most women tend to lead differently than males would.
  • When problem-solving situations as women, we tend to have a collaborative approach.
  • Reconciliation and peace are important to us.
  • Respecting cultural differences, heritage, and traditions is what we do best!

Let Teachers Maintain World Peace

In this beautiful diverse home we call the world that is well connected, we have the opportunity to maintain peace by educating the generations:

  • Accept differences.
  • Maintain that we won’t always see eye to eye on various situations.
  • Have an asset-based “lens” when working with programming for peace education.
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Teaching Today’s Generation!

  • We can build lesson plans into the curriculum to educate others about history that is based on racist, biased perspectives, and colonization.
  • Help to build authentic, genuine classroom lessons that encourage positive classroom conversations.
  • Change the mindset at home and shift the thinking to have a growth mindset within classrooms.

It is our generation that will maintain and hold peace around the world by collaborating, accepting that we bring about diverging perspectives, and seeing the common ground. You can do this, teachers!

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About Nilmini Ratwatte-Henstridge

Nilmini Ratwatte-Henstridge teaches in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada with her family. As an Elementary School Teacher who is passionate about Equity, Social Justice, and Human Rights in education, she enjoys teaching the younger generation to be global-minded citizens.

Discovering the world by connecting with others is an opportunity that we have today in our society today and she loves meeting new people! She is always learning while traveling to understand the inter-connectedness of this beautiful earth we live in! Nilmini LOVES cooking great meals, watching movies, and the latest fashion trends! Family and friends are close to her heart as she looks forward to balancing social media and navigating professional learning communities in education to network globally this year!