Communication Is About Stakeholders and You!

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Communication Is About Stakeholders and You!

Video Highlights:

  •  Tips and tricks about communication skills begin with identifying your personal goals.
  •  Consistency is essential.
  •  Teach your parents like you teach your students.
Take on your communication style like you would introduce a new idea to your students - teach them what to expect and how to be most successful! Click To Tweet

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About Rae Hughart

Rae Hughart is a Middle-Level Math Educator in Illinois, the Chief Marking Officer for the Teach Better Team, and author of Teachers Deserve It (20) and Teach Better (19) books available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. In 2017, Rae was honored with the Illinois State University Outstanding Young Alumni Award – inducting her into the University Hall of Fame. In 2018, Rae was honored again by winning 1st place in the Henry Ford Innovator Award for her work within educators communities to build unity between local businesses and schools. And in 2021, Rae was selected to give her first TEDx Talk called “Better Than Youtube,” emphasizing the true value of educators. You can learn more about Rae or book her for Professional Development opportunities within the Teach Better Speakers Network.