Parent Communication

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TL;DR: There are various ways to communicate with parents: set expectations and use technology. Set expectations and parameters around response times. Tip: Have positive interactions with parents. There are various ways parent communication can be enhanced through technology: Remind, FlipGrid, email, and Google Voice. Jessica joined Rae on the Daily Drop In to chat about Parent Communication Refresh. Click here … Read More

Communication Is About Stakeholders and You!

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Communication Is About Stakeholders and You! Video Highlights:  Tips and tricks about communication skills begin with identifying your personal goals.  Consistency is essential.  Teach your parents like you teach your students.  [scroll down to keep reading] About Rae Hughart Rae Hughart is a Middle-Level Math Educator in Illinois, the Chief Marking Officer for the Teach Better Team, and author … Read More

Posts Beyond the Principal’s Account

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TL;DR: Posts beyond the principal’s account should involve all staff and students. Involve all staff when creating posts for social media. Share curriculum information so stakeholders understand what is going on at school. Coordinate with coaches and club sponsors to ensure all groups are being represented equally on social media. Get students involved with sharing news on social media. If … Read More

Best Practices for Communicating with Families

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TL;DR: Strategies for best communication practices, including being proactive, making time for what’s important, keeping it simple, and being consistent. Using ClassDojo, ClassTag, SeeSaw, Remind, emails, phone calls, notes, postcards, and social media as tools to communicate and stay connected with families. Now more than ever, parents and teachers need to work as a team for the benefit of our … Read More