Support for Educators with Phone Anxiety

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TL;DR: The families we serve all have their own communication preferences. As you communicate with stakeholders, utilize a variety of different methods. Tips to ease phone anxiety include practicing, using a script, scheduling the call in advance, beginning the call with celebrations, and getting support from others for difficult conversations. It’s important that we recognize that the families we serve … Read More

Middle School Parents and Guardians Want to Hear from You!

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TL;DR: Middle school students aren’t great communicators with their parents. As teachers, we have to facilitate that communication by providing adults at home with information without overwhelming them. Let’s make that communication positive! Developmentally, we know middle school students, particularly older middle school students, are beginning to explore who they are apart from the adults with whom they live. While … Read More

Communication Is About Stakeholders and You!

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Communication Is About Stakeholders and You! Video Highlights:  Tips and tricks about communication skills begin with identifying your personal goals.  Consistency is essential.  Teach your parents like you teach your students.  [scroll down to keep reading] About Rae Hughart Rae Hughart is a Middle-Level Math Educator in Illinois, the Chief Marking Officer for the Teach Better Team, and author … Read More

Posting in a Pandemic

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TL;DR: Positivity is important when communicating with families; however, in order to stay authentic, one should not be excessively positive. Tell the whole story, be honest and vulnerable, and prepare for a two-way dialogue when communicating with stakeholders. Posting in a Pandemic: Excessive Positivity Isn’t Always Authentic Leaders inspire vision and confidence in their organization, and schools are no different. … Read More