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This week’s guest, Kevin J. Butler, shares how he lost his passion to teach and how he transformed his teaching style to become more engaging. While teachers don’t train to be entertainers, teaching must capture students’ attention and at times entertain them. This doesn’t mean that every lesson has to be a Broadway musical number, but it does require educators to be intentional when engaging students in active learning. We discuss Kevin’s new book, Lights, Cameras, TEACH!, and how he brings the magic of the movies to the classroom, presenting a scene-by-scene script packed with film-inspired ideas for educators.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Community Building Strategies
  • Reigniting your Passions as a Teacher.
  • And his new book, Lights, Cameras, TEACH!
Check out this episode as Kevin Butler shares how in the process of losing his passion to teach, he transformed his teaching style to become more engaging by leaned on his love of movies. Click To Tweet

About Kevin Butler:

Kevin began teaching in 2002 in New York at a suburban public school on Long Island. He relocated to California to  consult and teach at a startup charter school. For the last six years, Kevin taught fifth grade at an independent school in Los Angeles and was a member of the school’s administrative team, serving as K-6  Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Kevin’s classroom instruction focuses on creating authentic learning experiences while engaging his students in content-driven instruction. In the spring of 2020, Kevin was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show, where Kelly highlighted his dedication to his students during the Covid-19 crisis.  In addition to teaching, Kevin speaks and presents at national educator conferences throughout the United States, including Teach Better, ASCD, and Teach Your Heart Out.  Kevin also enjoys visiting schools and facilitating sessions and workshops on student engagement, classroom culture, and the importance of building relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.  This fall, Kevin is extremely excited to be kicking off his twentieth year teaching sixth grade at a school in the city of West Hollywood. 

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