Aspire Mailbag: Sustaining Staff Happiness

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire Mailbag, Joshua Stamper, Jeff Gargas, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better

In this 27th Aspire Mailbag episode, Jeff Gargas and I answer questions on different leadership topics provided by the listeners. Please join us for this episode as we answer questions on sustaining staff happiness, creating leadership growth, gaining support of your Superintendent, and the latest news with the Teach Better Team! Featuring Jeff Gargas and Joshua Stamper Follow Jeff Gargas: … Read More

Empowerment Through Mentorship: Featuring Lauren Kaufman

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

In this week’s episode, Lauren Kaufman shares how she created a mentorship program for her district and the immediate impact it made on the lives of the mentees and the mentors.  In this episode, we discuss: Approaching Leadership Through a Coaching Lens The Power of Connecting with other Leaders And her book contributions! About Lauren Kaufman: Lauren Kaufman is the … Read More

Unlocking Unlimited Potential: Featuring Dr. Brandon Beck

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Brandon Beck, Unlocking Unlimited Potential, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s episode, Brandon Beck shares how he is unlocking his student’s potential by seeking new practices for his classroom, such as bringing in a service dog and mentorship program to his school.  In this episode, we discuss: Finding joy in the journey Leaning into areas that we are passionate about to be the best leader possible His podcast … Read More

Changing the Trajectory of Those We Serve: Featuring George Couros

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead. George Couros, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s episode, George Couros shares stories of his leadership journey, advises on how to serve as a young leader, and explains how creating content enhances the trajectory of those we serve.  In this episode, we discuss: How change is an opportunity to do something amazing Anxiety as a strength not a weakness “Not paying for a course twice” … Read More

Make Learning Magical: Featuring Tisha Richmond

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Tisha Richmond, Joshua Stamper, Making Learning Magical

In this week’s episode, Tisha Richmond shares her experience of losing joy as a teacher and how using gamification in her classroom increased her happiness, student motivation, and overall engagement.  In this episode, we discuss: How to create the “Extreme Lesson Makeover” The origin story of Tisha’s podcast  And her book, Making Learning Magical!  About Tisha Richmond: Tisha is a … Read More