The Fundamentals of Self Care with Danny Bauer

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Admin Mastermind Recap, Joshua Stamper, Danny Bauer, The Fundamentals of Self Care

Join us for an insightful conversation with Danny Bauer from Better Leaders Better Schools as we dive into strategies for prioritizing mental health and managing stress in the education field. In our last session, we explored the importance of protecting our home stress and implementing practical techniques to promote overall well-being. Have you tried any of these strategies this week? … Read More

Prioritizing Leadership and Staff Mental Health with Evan Robb – School Administrator Mastermind

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Admin Mastermind Recap, Evan Robb, Joshua Stamper, Stress Management, Mental Health

Join us for an insightful discussion on “Prioritizing Leadership and Staff Mental Health” with special guest Evan Robb. In this episode, we explore effective strategies for managing stress at work and preserving personal well-being amidst high demands. From protecting home stress to incorporating exercise and music into our routines, discover practical methods for decompressing and regaining focus. We also delve … Read More

From Mentee to Mentor: Featuring LeBronte Hoover

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I am absolutely delighted to introduce a remarkable individual whom I’ve had the privilege of mentoring for an incredible three-year journey. Witnessing his growth and evolution as a leader has been truly inspiring, and I couldn’t be prouder of his remarkable transition into the realm of educational administration. Our guest today is none other than LeBronte Hoover, who is embarking … Read More

From Striving to Thriving: Featuring Dr. Joy Karavedas

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In this compelling episode of “Aspire to Lead,” we have the privilege of hosting the esteemed Dr. Joy Karavedas. Join us as we embark on a journey from striving to thriving, exploring the transformational power of resilience, self-awareness, and holistic leadership. Dr. Karavedas, a visionary leader and renowned expert in personal development, shares her profound insights and practical wisdom on … Read More

The Playful Classroom: Featuring Jed Dearybury

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Aspire to Lead,Jed Dearybury, Joshua Stamper, The Playful Classroom

Welcome to another inspiring episode of “Aspire to Lead,” the podcast where we explore the multifaceted world of leadership from every angle. In this episode, the dynamic educator and author, Jed Dearybury, jumps into the transformative concept of “The Playful Classroom.” Episode Highlights: The Power of Play: Jed Dearybury shares his profound insights on the significance of play in education. … Read More