Are You Using All of the Free Tools With Canva?

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  • Canva is a free tool for educators and students.
  • It provides templates and other tools to make the classroom more exciting.
  • Canva offers video courses for teachers and students.

Are you using all of the FREE tools with Canva?

I have to assume many teachers out there are using Canva regularly at this point. The Canva design suite for teachers just keeps getting better and better!

The Canva design suite for teachers just keeps getting better and better! Click To Tweet

Free Content Just for Teachers

canva teacher library

When you sign up for Canva using your school email, you get access to thousands of images and designs, along with templates specific to education. 

You can then easily download, print, or share each item after you customize it for your classroom. Canva even offers integration with Google Classroom.

Templates Ready Made for Students

Students can sign up for a free account, too. My students use creative Resume templates to turn boring, Word resumes into poppin’ graphic works of art. Creative video and slideshow presentations are also available. 

PDF Editor

Canva also offers a suite of tools that allow you to edit images and pdfs! Here is a short video where I edit a stock pdf to my liking.

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Free Courses

Canva also offers a library of free courses so you can learn to use all of their tools to the fullest. They not only have a tract of courses for teachers, but students can also take advantage of free courses in graphic design. 

canva course library

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Betsy Springer is a teacher and instructional coach at Gull Lake Virtual Partnership, a school in the Gull Lake Community Schools district in southwest Michigan. She teaches ELA for grades 6-12 and provides instructional coaching for virtual teachers K-12.

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Betsy lives in northern Michigan with her high school sweetheart and four children, who are her best teachers.