Seeking Guidance in a New Position: Featuring Bryan Zwemke

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Aspire to Lead, Bryan Zwemke, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s episode, Bryan Zwemke shares how he started a new position this summer to serve his district in a new role. Regardless of your position, we all need support in our leadership journey and Bryan shares some wonderful strategies to connect and grow to gain leadership knowledge. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The support and guidance needed to survive a new leadership position
  • Personalized learning and the changes needed to enhance student soft skills
  • And the Teach Better Administrator Mastermind

About Bryan Zwemke:

Bryan Zwemke is an Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Innovation in Illinois with 22 years of experience teaching and leadership in rural, suburban, and urban settings focused on student achievement and student engagement. His priorities focus on the core strategies of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, mental health, equity and access for all students, supporting quality teams, and personalized learning for students.

Bryan completed his doctoral program for Educational Leadership at Aurora University defending his dissertation Building Social Capital Through Social Media and is serving as an adjunct professor at Aurora University. As a veteran administrator, Bryan has developed a passion for the necessary change toward future ready education – an ecosystem dedicated to student growth, collaborative spaces and practices, and research supported techniques to long term success. Further, Bryan is a blog, host, and podcast contributor on the Teach Better Team.

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FireBird Speak Up Radio Book Award Winner, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead

FireBird Speak Up Radio Book Award Winner, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead

Aspire to Lead Won the FireBird Award!

I’m happy to announce that my book, “Aspire to Lead”, won the 2022 Leadership Book Award from Speak Up Talk Radio! 

It is a great honor to get this kind of recognition and I really appreciate all your support!

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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