Seeking Guidance in a New Position: Featuring Bryan Zwemke

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In this week’s episode, Bryan Zwemke shares how he started a new position this summer to serve his district in a new role. Regardless of your position, we all need support in our leadership journey and Bryan shares some wonderful strategies to connect and grow to gain leadership knowledge.  In this episode, we discuss: The support and guidance needed to … Read More

Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

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Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

In This Post: Time to collaborate with colleagues is limited. We need to take advantage of it. Working together towards a common goal takes flexibility, dedication, vision, a good sense of humor, and a positive mindset. Collaboration time and meetings are not a single event on a single random day. Meetings need to have a plan and protocols. If you … Read More

Is Social Media the New Email? Tips for Telling Your Story with Pride

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In This Post Don’t be scared of Social Media – it’s the future! Develop a #hashtag for your classroom or school. If you are a teacher or principal, consider developing it with your staff or students. Brand recognition and building your school’s online reputation is becoming a part of school community relations. Be sure to follow your district’s protocol on … Read More

The First Moments of Instruction

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In This Post The beginning to any classroom can be enhanced & elevated Opportunities for student voice can add additional layers to the success of starting a class off right Technology can add a new layer to the first moments of instruction. Try it out! Starting instruction for a student happens everyday, multiple times a day and the students and … Read More