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In your classrooms, are your students participating in one interactive lesson per unit or are they experiencing natural learning opportunities each day? This week’s guest, Becky Schnekser, shares how transforming her classroom allowed her students to explore, engage, and discover new learning opportunities to model interactive field experiences. 

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Field Science Professional Development
  • Flipping to an Outdoor Classroom
  • Teach Better Speakers Network
  • And Becky’s Upcoming Book!

About Becky Schnekser:

Becky Schnekser is a K-5 Science teacher in Virginia Beach, VA. She believes science should not only be taught to learners of all ages, but it should be experienced in an authentic way. In order to bring authenticity to her science instruction, she joins field expedition teams around the world to gain insight into how science looks and feels globally in order to scale it for her learners and provide resources to educators worldwide. She is the founder of Outdoor Education Collective, a project dedicated to bringing outdoor education to schools no matter geographic location.

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