Finding Your “Phase of Life” to Open Doors

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TL;DR: We are continually going through phases in our life both professionally and personally. Dream big about what you want both personally and professionally. Whatever phase you’re in, be your best self! Phases of Life I feel as though humans are continually entering into and out of “phases of life.” Some phases last weeks while others last years. As we … Read More

The Seeds of Self-Compassion

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TL;DR: Brad Hughes interviewed Lisa Baylis, the author of the book Self-Compassion for Educators. Compassion is when we see suffering, stress, and struggle, and we have a desire to alleviate it. You are someone who is important to take care of. The first component of self-compassion is mindfulness—being aware of our thoughts and feelings. The second component is loving-kindness—attending to … Read More

More Than a Teacher: You Outside Education

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TL;DR: Who are you as a person, outside of education? How can you make time each day to fill yourself up as a human being? Who are you outside education? Spring break is on the horizon and just beyond that, it’s summer. Those of us on the blogger team wanted to fill you up with posts about real self-care because … Read More

Joy Filled Mornings

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TL;DR: Sometimes people feel a bit down in winter. What can you switch up to make winter less gloomy? Consider doing something that brings you joy each morning before work. Gloomy Season Here in Michigan, the first few months of the year have me feeling a bit gloomy. The holidays are over. My no-buy year, while still resulting in huge … Read More