Surprising and Saluting a Super Teacher

Kyle HillXhausted Educators Podcast

In this Celebration Episode you will hear from Krystal Ray, an amazingly gifted teacher who has found the balance of building relationships, showing compassion for students, and providing meaningful daily instruction. Two former students “sneak” in to surprise her and say thank you for making learning fun. You will also hear about what Kyle learned from his Arch Nemesis, and … Read More

Sick and Tired

Teach Better TeamBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Last year, fewer people were sick because of people following COVID safety plans. This year, our bodies were fighting hard, but now in summer, some have become sick. Right now, we need to listen to our bodies. Rest and recover. In all honesty, I had a different blog post planned. Two, actually, talking about more issues with disability. But … Read More

32. Restoring Relationships with Joshua Stamper

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, Welcome back! In this episode, we are continuing our conversation with Joshua Stamper, an assistant principal in Texas and the host of the Aspire Leadership podcast. This is part two, so if you missed his first episode, go back and listen to that first. Josh talks about one of his other passions, using trauma informed practices and restorative … Read More

31. Aspire to Lead with Joshua Stamper

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, Have I got a treat for you with this episode. Joshua Stamper, who an assistant principal in North Texas and also host of the Aspire Leadership Development podcast is joining us. Josh and I had such a great conversation full of stories and connections that I’m sharing it over the next two episodes. In this episode, we will … Read More

29. the Antidote to Feeling Burned Out

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, Last year this time we were finishing up a year having moved to remote teaching and my advice to you then was to reflect¬† and reframe.¬† I asked you to reflect on your practice and double down on the good stuff for the reopening of school. In fact, that was the first episode of Design Lessons, so for … Read More