Transdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

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TL;DR: Transdisciplinary units allow students to bring all facets of their learning together. Student agency increases student engagement. Students create in-depth work they are proud of. I work for a school that follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum. This means that we follow a transdisciplinary approach, where learning transcends subjects. The concepts of student voice and choice spearhead the program of … Read More

Simplicity for the Interdisciplinary Unit Win

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TL;DR: Create an interdisciplinary unit by exploring your own community or communities around the world. Tie in social studies, geography, math, art, music, and more in your unit. Using simple technology create videos and presentations. Have students share their projects with the community. If the idea of diving into an interdisciplinary unit (IDU) feels overwhelming, take a breath and just … Read More

The New Leader on Campus: Importance of Building Relationships

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TL;DR: There are many ways to get to know your team as a new building leader: staff survey, meet and greet time, over lunch, and collaborative planning. Be visible, notice and name the great things you see by being specific in your language. Show appreciation by understanding the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Building relationships with new staff can … Read More

Build Better Relationships: 3 Foundational Mindset Shifts

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TL;DR: Relationships matter. Being connected is important for our overall happiness and well-being. There are foundational 3 mindset shifts that will help you build better relationships: (1) See relationships as gifts. (2) The relationship you have with yourself is also a gift. (3) Treat every interaction as an opportunity to improve your connection as building blocks. We can cultivate our … Read More

Color Outside the Lines Blog Series Overview

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Color Outside the Lines Blog Series Overview Everyone has their own teacher leadership style. Discover and own your unique teaching and leadership style early in your career to help you thrive in this challenging profession. Make your mark on your students, throughout your building, and in your community! Posts in the Series Making Your Mark: Becoming a Teacher Leader by … Read More