Create Safe Spaces

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TL;DR: We remember what is taught through stories with courageous conversations. Stories help us understand, connect, and give a pathway and multiple opportunities to teaching concepts. Stories resonate with us and are close to our hearts to empower our spirit when there is a safe classroom discussion space. Create safe spaces by incorporating storytelling, reflection, journaling, and using graphic organizers … Read More

Telling vs. Teaching

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TL;DR: Telling is the feeding of information without any real background of what students are doing or why. Teaching is giving context, explaining the “why” and “how” of what you want students to know. More learning happens through the process of teaching. An example of telling vs. teaching is explained. In a recent conversation with one of my teachers, I … Read More

EP75: The Power of Stories – Crossover Episode Featuring Beth Lyons (Part 1)

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Episode 75 is the first Crossover Episode that Chey and Pav have participated in! In this fantastic two-part conversation, Chey and Pav talk with Beth Lyons, teacher-librarian and host of the “Read Into This” podcast about the importance of Stories and Storytelling in our lives and in our classroom spaces. The conversation goes in many different directions, starting with the … Read More