EP75: The Power of Stories – Crossover Episode Featuring Beth Lyons (Part 1)

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Episode 75 is the first Crossover Episode that Chey and Pav have participated in! In this fantastic two-part conversation, Chey and Pav talk with Beth Lyons, teacher-librarian and host of the “Read Into This” podcast about the importance of Stories and Storytelling in our lives and in our classroom spaces. The conversation goes in many different directions, starting with the basis of what stories are and into Culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy.

Tune into Part 2 of the conversation at “Read Into This” to hear the latter half of the conversation, and always be a part of it by tagging @StaffPodcast #TheStaffroomPodcast! Tell us what you think, and give us your feedback and reflections.

Connect with Beth Lyons about all things READING!

Twitter: @MrsLyonsLibrary

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