A Professional Learning Network

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TL;DR: Twenty years ago, teachers had each other’s backs. Their PLN were teachers down the hall. Now, PLNs look different. When you attend national conferences, you have the opportunity to connect with other educators across the U.S. You can learn and grow from others by asking questions. Five benefits of a PLN: learning, sharing, celebrating, reflecting, and growing.  A PLN … Read More

Strategies to Support Students in Difficult Times

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TL;DR: Over the last year, educators and students have faced many difficult and traumatic events. The first step to supporting your students is to understand the signs of trauma. Understand how to respond when students show their emotions or make an uncomfortable statement. Pay attention to marginalized groups and take notes of students who may be likely to be bullied. … Read More

Schools These Days

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TL;DR: Hans shares a story about how his puppy, Winnie, was demonstrating deregulated behavior on a  walk. Remembering his recent conversation with Dr. Carrington, she said we need “connection before direction.” 5 keys to reconnecting are listed below. Relationships and reconnection starts and ends with the adults in our schools. Children need adults to show them how to regulate when … Read More