3 Myths that Keep Us From Talking About Racial and Gender Justice in Schools 

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TL;DR: Consider the 3 myths that keep us from talking about racial and gender justice in schools. It is important for all students to discuss racial and gender justice by acknowledging the impact and by taking action. There are opportunities to talk about racial and gender justice in younger grades and in various subject areas beyond Social Studies and Ethnic … Read More

The Myths of Gifted Children

Todd StanleyBlog, Differentiate Better

TL;DR: Many gifted children aren’t challenged at their just-right level. One of the major challenges in giving students the work they need is a misunderstanding of how to help. Gifted children need to be challenged and taught the executive functioning skills needed to succeed. Underchallenged Gifted Children In my previous post, I talked about the underchallenged gifted child. These are … Read More