Agile Leadership During A Storm

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TL;DR: Agile school leaders designing plans with multiple contingency plans and keep the end in mind. Seek clarity in the storm and in your plans to communicate with the public.  Embrace complexity and allow cognitive elasticity to support team decisions, rather than relying on traditional approaches and what worked in the past. “This is about identifying the direction you and the … Read More

Great Leaders Know When to Get Off Their Soapbox

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TL;DR: We all have a soapbox. It may be more important to get off the soapbox than to constantly stand on the soapbox and announce our good intentions.  The “Knowing-Doing Gap” is created when school staff know the jargon, but fail to change their practice. Eduspeak is one of the main barriers to supporting more students and transforming teaching and … Read More

3 Ways to Activate Growth as an Aspiring Leader 

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TL;DR: The transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is comparable to the development of an aspiring leader. Do not be afraid to ask to experience new and different leadership tasks. Be available to help and support at any moment there is an opportunity. Go beyond and outside of your campus to gain leadership experience. A year ago, we bought … Read More

Episode 12 | News Brief: Leading From Within

Brad HughesGood News Brad News Podcast

Brad Hughes is the host of The Good News, Brad News Podcast. Brad is an elementary school principal in Ontario, Canada, with 25 years’ experience in education. Prior to becoming a school leader, Brad taught for 16 years from Kindergarten to eighth grade, most recently teaching middle school Visual Arts, French and Special Education. Brad has an ongoing commitment to reframing … Read More