Facilitating Small Group Instruction to Meet Student Needs

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TL;DR: Small group instruction and one-on-one conferences are possible this year. Five tips to make these types of instruction happen – whether you’re fully virtual or hybrid. In my classroom, like many others, small group instruction is a cornerstone of our structure. In fact, a majority of the teaching I do is done in a small group model. I work … Read More

Maintaining Positive Culture Even When Apart

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TL;DR: Classroom culture is something we all work hard to build and maintain. Steps and ideas to cultivate our classroom culture, even while apart. Realistic ideas and suggestions to connect with students, staff, and families from home. Classroom and school culture are massive components of our jobs as educators. It’s vital that we cultivate an environment where our students and … Read More

5 Ways to Adjust Lessons to Promote Creative Thinking

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TL;DR: The importance of creativity in the classroom. How creative thinking can increase the level of learning in your students. Five ways you can adjust or create lessons that promote creative thinking. Creativity is so valuable in our classrooms. With today’s focus on 21st century skills, thinking creatively is becoming even more important. We all know that the problems our … Read More

Involving Families in Goal Setting and Reflection

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TL;DR: The value of family involvement in goal setting and reflection. A low-tech method for involving families. A technology-based reflection tool for involvement of families. When it comes to goal setting, it’s important that we make it relevant and authentic for our students. Beyond that, we also have to involve their families. “It takes a village to raise a child.” … Read More