Mastering the “Gray Area” Transition to Standards-Based Grading

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Mastering the _Gray Area_ Transition to Standards-Based Grading (1)

Have you considered the “gray area” during the transition from a traditional grade book to Standards-Based Grading? It can take multiple years for an effective shift to Standards-Based Grading for grade books and feedback provided in the classroom. As districts navigate the transition, there is a lot to think out, plan out, and put into practice. So, how do teachers manage in … Read More

5 Simple Items That Can Transform Your Classroom

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5 Simple Items That Can Transform Your Classroom

In my classroom I constantly try to create lessons and experiences that allow students to get excited about learning. I have done many classroom flips, changing the space into environments, scenes, and locations that allow engagement and inspiration to take hold. In the past few years, I have created a list of must haves that can be used to transform … Read More