The Uncomfortable Truth About School

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TL;DR: Students forget most of what they “learn” in school. Acknowledging this gives us the freedom to focus on powerful learning experiences. Wrestling with the impermanence of some school “learning” challenges our core values as educators. What is Learning, Really? Educational thought leader Will Richardson loves to invite teachers to share their definitions of learning. His observation: most of us … Read More

Dare Mighty Things

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TL;DR: Learning and growth happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Scientists and engineers have to accept the possibility of failure. Teachers and students should be encouraged to Dare Mighty Things. Do you Dare Mighty Things? Take a moment and reflect: Are you playing it safe, staying in your comfort zone, and surrounded by the familiar? Or are … Read More

Episode 163- Karen Giuffre is a progressive change agent of education and she is here to tell us how we can be too.

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Karen Giuffre started a school in New Jersey to change the way school was done for her own kids and now she is changing the lives of students around the world. Follow Karen on LinkedIn at: Check out Voyagers Community School at:   MORE EPISODES

Episode 5 | Featuring Carli Parsons & Sandy Millar

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Carli Parsons and Sandy Millar are school leaders in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada. They are the co-founders of¬†InnovatED, a company dedicated to reimagining education to better prepare students for a rapidly changing world. Carli has dedicated her career to motivating those around her to invest in the achievement and well-being of all students. Carli began her career teaching English and … Read More