Changing the Trajectory of Those We Serve: Featuring George Couros

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Aspire to Lead. George Couros, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s episode, George Couros shares stories of his leadership journey, advises on how to serve as a young leader, and explains how creating content enhances the trajectory of those we serve.  In this episode, we discuss: How change is an opportunity to do something amazing Anxiety as a strength not a weakness “Not paying for a course twice” … Read More

3 Ideas to Level Up Learning

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TL;DR: Educators have the opportunity to impact and influence every learner by unlocking their unlimited potential. Learners must have a strong connection with their teachers first before they can feel empowered to engage in deep learning. There are 3 ways to level up learning: Tell personal stories that share who you are and your why. Build bridges by asking questions, … Read More

Eternal Memories Manifest Hope for the Future

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TL;DR: Modeling behaviors and practices can have a long-lasting impact on those surrounding you. Model effective styles of communication, teaching and learning practices, approaches to management, and leadership qualities to have a positive influence on others. Eternal memories can manifest hope for the future; sometimes the behaviors you observe of others become a part of you. Eternal Memories: My Eternal … Read More

Layering Stories into Learning

Lauren M. KaufmanBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Stories are windows into the soul and into our experiences. Educators should intentionally create spaces for learners to share how they view the world. Embed stories into your classroom by linking a personal story to what you are saying, allowing learners to connect their own stories to a learning experience, and allow learners to share connections with peers to … Read More

Spark Curiosity and Provide Opportunity for Students

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Spark Curiosity and Provide Opportunity for Students

Do you provide opportunity for students? That is my new class buzzword… OPPORTUNITY!  It is one word that creates such excitement among my 3rd graders.  One word that speaks to every child.  One word with so many meanings that I cannot possibly stop smiling when I hear the chit chat that surrounds this one topic. Let’s get something straight… I’m not … Read More